Alternative Cancer Treatments to Support Healing

At the Get Well Center, we understand that traditional cancer treatments such as cancer can wear on your body and soul. Feeling tired and constantly fighting is hard work. Through pairing alternative treatments, healing and overall wellbeing can be maximized while receiving your conventional cancer treatment. The Get Well Center offers several suggested therapies to pair with other cancer treatment.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) is one of the most commonly suggested complementary therapies because it targets cell health. IPT decreases the blood’s sugar level with short-acting insulin so it essentially starves the harmful cells with preserving healthy cells. Not only are the diseased cells destroyed, but IPT helps medicine more effectively enter the body. Along with Insulin Potentiation Therapy, treatment plans oftentimes include Lymphatic Therapy. Lymphatic Therapy uses a Light Beam Generator to produce a low current that transfers to cells in the targeted lymphatic regions. Through the LBG, the cells help rebalance the cells while also aiding in the process of detoxing unnatural materials being stored in the lymph nodes.

Detoxing the body is important all the time, but especially when trying to keep a high quality of life and promote healing. Colon Therapy and Ion Cleanse Detoxifications are great ways to detox. Colon Therapy includes irrigation of the colon. Colon irrigation cleanses the colon of buildup and patients often feel relief from body aches, headaches, and feel increased energy and a more balanced digestive system. The Ion Cleanse Detoxification removes harmful toxins from the body through the feet. After ICD patients should expect to feel pain relief as well as improved immune system and a higher level of health.

Combining supplementary treatment with other cancer treatments can not only improve your health, but mind and spirit as well. Through your customized treatment here at the Get Well Center, you will also receive diet and exercise help. To schedule a consult and make a plan for your health, call 419-524-2676. With us, you are more than just a diagnosis.


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