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Natural Cancer Therapy at The Get Well Center

The Get Well Center is passionate about providing holistic healing and alternative medicine for our patients. We believe that the more natural a medication is, the better off our patients are. Cancer therapy is one of our niche offerings. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the  natural cancer therapy  options we can provide here at the  Get Well Center  in Mansfield, Ohio! The Get Well Center in Mansfield, Ohio, is pleased to offer holistic healing and natural cancer therapy options. We believe that several therapeutic modalities when given alone or with targeted low-dose chemotherapy have been shown to dramatically increase survival times in virtually all stages and most cancer types. They also augment the base treatment efficacy in tumor cell destruction and help fortify the body’s immune system thus minimizing side effects. These include: Insulin Potentiated Therapy  (IPT) for Cancer, Arthritis, and Infections Specific Cancer cell Enzyme Inhibitors (Poly MVA) Targeting Agents (Hyalur