The Benefits of Seeing a Holistic Doctor


Have you ever been in a conventional medical setting and got the feeling that you weren't being considered as a whole person? That your mental and spiritual needs weren't being factored into your health diagnosis, treatment, and overall health? If so, you may have sought out or wondered about holistic medicine.

What is holistic medicine? Holistic or integrative medicine is much what it sounds like  — Holistic medicine is a whole-body approach to healthcare. It aims to improve health and wellness through the body, mind, and soul. 

The Principles of Holistic Healthcare

The practice of holistic medicine integrates conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease, and most importantly, to promote optimal health. In other words, holistic medicine encompasses all safe and appropriate modalities of diagnosis and treatment. It includes analysis of physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle elements. Holistic medicine focuses on patient education and encourages participation in the healing process.

According to the American Holistic Health Association, practitioners take the following elements into consideration during diagnosis and treatments:

  • Physical
  • Nutritional
  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Lifestyle

In conclusion, alternative medicine gives patients the opportunity and power to build a treatment plan that best fits their lifestyle, diagnosis, and budget.

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